Juice It Up.

So I watched the documentary – Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead – the other night. If you have never watched it, I highly recommend it. It is so interesting! Not to mention, inspiring. So inspiring, in fact, that I woke up at 5am this morning and started my juicing! My parents have had a juicer for years and we used to use it quite a bit…until we didn’t. You know how that goes – the American way. At the time it was a “must have” and a few months later it collected dust..for years.

This morning I dusted it off, cleaned it, re-assembled, and STARTED JUICING! My first juice consisted of Kale, Apple, Carrot. What a great morning treat!

Then 10:30 came around and I was feeling hungry again so I juiced Kale, Apple, Pear, Beets, Carrots. Also delicious!

I was feeling great! and then…. I wasn’t. In the documentary, Joe  takes the first few days and sleeps and has mood swings. The lady that does it says she is in a fog in the first day. So that “fog” hit me around 11:30. It’s hard to explain. I couldn’t quite focus and I was SO tired. I took a 2 hour nap. So I would advise that, if you choose to do a juice fast – start it on a weekend or a day you really can just hang out at home. I didn’t realize it would take so much out of me.

To tell you the truth, I did not plan to do a juice fast. It just kind of happened because I felt like it would be an experience.

Initially, I was just starting a no sweets for 60 days and switching all my food to organics. I will be putting up a youtube channel soon and I made a video talking about that. I went to the normal grocery store today because I was running out of things to juice – and let me tell you – their organics section is laughable. I actually felt a little mad (maybe that was the juice fast mood swing).  I managed to get apples and carrots, but they didn’t have kale or spinach! Seriously, get on board mainstream grocery store! I felt so skeptical about the place after that and grabbed my organics and went!

I shall update more tomorrow!

Youtube channel to come!

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Creating The Body I Deserve.

I am not just focusing on getting in shape, but finding balance and optimization in all areas of my life. In the area of health, it is easy to see results and start from there. Healthy habits will be created throughout.

Have BELIEF! A belief is CERTAINTY! 

By NOT doing these things and making these changes – it will be 10000x more painful! Once I cross to the other side, it will be complete life and pleasure!

Success leave clues.

I MUST quit bad patterns now. I am totally committed. 
I MUST do it and create the body I deserve. I am responsible for making my dream body.
I CAN do this.
The past does NOT equal the future!
Getting in shape is a challenge! Not a problem. I anticipate a challenge.
I realize that I am not my behavior. 
I concentrate my POWER on my challenges.
I have realistic GOALS that I CAN accomplish.
I am going to ENJOY THE PROCESS.

Write what you eat & drink.
Move at least 20 minutes.

Do the thing and you will have the power – R.W. Emerson

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Background Binge.

So here we go. My journey starts right now.

First, I’ll give you some background. 

In high school, I was anorexic. Then bulimic. And then…I became just a binge eater. I always felt so ashamed of this, but the more I read, the more I have found this progression is quite common.

First I was entirely in control of my food intake, now I am entirely out of control. Or at least it feels that way. Really, the commonality is that food actually controls me in all ways. It’s like my body craves the most possible calories that I can take, to the point where I feel sick and can barely breathe – my body wants more. I will be exhausted and somehow I find myself in the car driving to get food. Most often, I go after sweets – cupcakes, donuts, cake, pastries, cookies, etc. 

I cannot let food control me anymore. I am 23. I want to be healthy. I want to enjoy food that heals. I want to enjoy a body that can do amazing things. 

I have been trying to eat clean for a few months now and I love it…when I do it. I will eat good, and then my body takes over.  I know that if I don’t end this pattern now, it will follow me and destroy me and my confidence.  

So here starts my journey, of clean eating and athleticism. Discipline and dedication. 

I wanted to start this blog so that I am kept aware. Also, I want others that struggle with the same things I do know that  they are not alone – keep heart and continue setting goals and work to get there! I know this will be a struggle for me, mentally and physically. 

Current weight: 157 lbs.

Goal weight: 130 lbs.

Height: 5’6

I am getting married in 4 months. My wedding dress is on the way and I am so nervous it won’t even fit. I have few clothes that currently fit, and most are dresses that I could fit into if I gained 20 more lbs. I have gained 20lbs in the last 4 months. I want to look and feel good about my future, including my wedding!

The first day is so intimidating because you have no results to base your motivation off of and you know results may not come for a month down the road. Keep heart!


Day 1 – without sweets. Here we go!!


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Lost & Found

In congruence with the theme of synergy, I want to share with you a book that really speaks about balance.

This week I had a class that was about an hour commute. So I went to the library and picked up some audio books. One in particular by Geneen Roth called Lost and Found. The author has a couple of books about the link between compulsive eating and how people see their life. I love them, I love her as an author! This book talked about the link between food and money. Essentially saying that people eat and spend about the same way. This is the truth for me, entirely. If I get out of control in one area, I go straight to the other and get out of control.

How do we change this pattern? How do you break habits and thoughts? Why do I do this? These are the questions I ask often and I am trying so hard to uncover them.

I mean, I watch extreme makeover: weight loss edition and see these unbelievable changes in not only their bodies, but their lifestyles! Is this real, I wonder? Does their mind really change?

I strive to change not only my body, but my MIND. This experience is hard. I am trying, but I need to let go of my fear of failing. MIND. BODY. SPIRIT.
I will be an athlete.

If your motivation is lost, do not lose heart. Find your motivation and create it.
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Lately I have been reminded of the need for balance in one’s life. As much as I try, there is no way I can keep certain parts of my life in check while I let other parts stray. If one area gets out of control, all areas in my life seem to get out of control.
This is where synergy comes into play. Synergy, in essence, is two or more elements working together to achieve something much greater than the elements could achieve on their own. 
Mind. Body. Spirit. 
These are the elements that need to work together, in a balanced fashion, to create and achieve greater than ever thought to be possible.
What the balance of “Mind Body Spirit” truly looks like will be different for each person. Take some time to think about what yours might look like. Create goals to accomplish synergy. Intention and rituals create success.
For me:
Read at least one personal development book a month.
Seek out education beyond my schooling once a week. 
Listen to positive messages/affirmations in the morning.

Work out 5x a week.
Eat clean, cook all of my meals!
Meditate Daily

Go to church or worship every week.
Meditate with prayer every morning.
Volunteer in my community.

In order to do this, I’ll need to change some things. I will have to become….a morning person. The horror! I have been a morning person once in my entire life, and that was this summer. I woke up – without an alarm, mind you – by 6:30am every morning for the summer months. It was glorious. I woke up, took my sweet time eating breakfast and reading, then went for a run, and had enough time to take a shower and pretty up before my work day began. I had never felt so invincible. 
My days right now? Well, they consist of little responsibility, waking up around 11:30, and lounging around the house. I feel terrible and lazy. So obviously I could use some synergy in my life. haha. 
Let’s set this goal:
In bed before 11, ideally by 10. Wake up at 7am.

I feel so alive in the morning – if I get sleep, that is. 
If you want to join me on this journey to synergy, please do!

You can email me at:

I’ll be posting new entries with pictures, updates, ideas, etc. at least twice a week! 🙂

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